California International Arbitration Week

California International Arbitration Week

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Our Vision
California Arbitration (CalArb) is the voice of the California international arbitration and ADR community.

We guide businesses, including their corporate counsel and law firm counsel, on the benefits of international arbitration and mediation. And we provide resources for legal practitioners around the globe on international dispute resolution in California.

Since our founding in 2021, California Arbitration has already grown to over two hundred members actively working to implement our mission.

Our Plans
California Arbitration provides opportunities for the legal community to connect and grow international arbitration and international mediation practice in California.

Our first major initiative was supporting the California Lawyers Association (CLA) in hosting California International Arbitration Week which was first held March 2022. We partnered with CLA in hosting CIAW2023, which welcomed over 1200 registrants to 28 in-person and online programs presented by leading international arbitration institutions and organizations. We’re now planning with CLA on CIAW2024 to be held 11-14 March 2024 in-person in San Francisco and online.

In addition, California Arbitration supports an ongoing series of programs in international arbitration and ADR throughout the year hosted by leading law firms. We intend to expand our events offerings as we grow each year. Check out our Events page for details. We also have focused programming through our Young CalArb group for new practitioners.

In 2022, we launched committees through which members around the world on actively working on projects involving California international arbitration and ADR. The work of those committees expanded in 2023 with increased outreach to companies, training for lawyers, and networking and other benefits for members.

Membership is available to all interested legal practitioners and others in the international arbitration and ADR fields. Lawyers from California and around the world are welcome. Join today to get involved and be included on our online Membership Directory.

California Arbitration invites members to participate in committee initiatives and submit articles for publication and news on events for distribution.

Leadership and Support
California Arbitration is a grass-roots organization led by its members. New leadership opportunities are offered annually. A major goal is providing meaningful opportunities for new and diverse practitioners.

As we grow, we also provide opportunities for corporate and law firm sponsors to support international arbitration and ADR in California and expand our reach.

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California International Arbitration Week